How to add a currency


POS Admin: Base > Payments >Currency > Currencies


Some merchants may need more than one kind of currency like the merchants in the airport or in the tourist areas. In this case, you might need to add a currency in Limeorder Point Of Sale software so that customers who use the new currency can be served in your restaurant or store.

There are two scenarios that you may face :

1) Multi Currency Cash Payment

If clients pays whole bill amount in one or few currency in cash, then LimeOrder will handle all the remaining balance based on the currency that you may choose.

For instance, you may choose to get part of the bill amount in cash in USD, and the rest in one or multiple different currencies and the Smart Currency management will calculate the balance in the target currency.

2) Multi Currency Card Payment

This is something that must be handled by your payment terminal.

How to:

Click on the “Currencies” in the left side menu, the system will show a Currencies form.

Input the name of the currency, the symbol of the currency, and the Decimal digits of the currency. Then click on the “Save” button to add the new currency.

The new currency will be listed in the form.

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