How to add Cash & Card accounts


POS Admin: Base->Payments->Cash


On this page, you can define cash Accounts.

If you accept different currencies in the cash payments, then you have to define different “Cash Accounts” in the system like “USD Cash,” “CAD Cash,” “Euro Cash,” “GBP Cash,” etc.

But If you get all the cash payments in one currency that is your base currency like USD, you need to define one cash account here named “Cash” or “USD Cash” or any other name you prefer.


If you have Integrated LimeOrder Pos Software to one of the integrated Payment Terminals, then whenever you get the payment, LimeOrder Pos App will automatically send the order balance to the payment terminal, and you don’t need to punch the amount in the payment terminal manually ( read more about how to integrate to Payment Terminals ).

In this case, you don’t need to define any “Credit Card” and “Debit Card” accounts here.

But if you have not integrated LimeOrder to any payment terminal and you punch the order balance on the terminal manually, then to track the payments, it is better to define two other accounts named “Credit Cards” and “Debit Cards” here.

You can alternatively define different cards by their names here too.

Please contact Support for the list of Payment Terminals fully integrated to LimeOrder POS Software for Restaurant & Retails.

NOTE: All of these accounts will be used in the “Payment” form, “Open Shift,” “Close Shift,” “End Of Day Report,” etc.


Click on the “Cash & Cards” on the left side menu.

image 153
How to add Cash & Card accounts 3

Input the name of the cash account ( e.g., “USD Account” ) or Credit Card Account ( e.g., “Credit Cards” ) and choose the Currency Type from the dropdown list. Then click on the “Save” button to save the newly added account.

image 155
How to add Cash & Card accounts 4

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