How to add a kitchen printer


POS Admin: Company > Devices > Kitchen Printers


The Kitchen printer is the printer in the kitchen that can receive and print the new orders so that chefs in the kitchen can prepare the meal accordingly.

Click on the “Kitchen Printers” in the left side menu and you will see the form shown below.

image 42
How to add a kitchen printer 4

In order to define a new kitchen printer, select “Add” button as shown red below:

image 43
How to add a kitchen printer 5

You just need to enter the Kitchen name here and then click on the “Save” button to save the changes.

image 44
How to add a kitchen printer 6


1- After defining the kitchen printers, you have to assign the defined kitchen printer to all of the items and based on that, after the order is placed in the LimeOrder POS app, the system will categorize the items and will send the related items to each printer.

For instance, if you define three kitchen printers named “Cold Kitchen ( Salad Bar) “, “Hot Kitchen” and “Bar” then the system will send only the items that are related to each of the kitchens to each of them separately.

2- Each of the Ordering Devices ( The devices that take the orders like the POS System, Tablet, Mobile etc ) need to select the desired kitchen printers. for this, the store admin has to login to the POS App and select the side menu and over there select “Device Settings“. Within the device settings, there is a tab for “Kitchen Printers”.

You can you the discovery feature on that page and the system will show you the available POS printers nearby. You can assign your desired printer to any kitchen that you like.

To know more about the compatible printers that can be defined in the system, please consult the support team.

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