How to add a store


The store is the location or different branches of your business.

Each store has its own users, ordering system, inventory management, and reports.

NOTE: You can define different taxation for different stores as each store may be located in a different state ( Province ) or city with different taxation.

As you know, LimeOrder Point Of Sale software consists of many apps. The two major ones that we are discussing in this tutorial are the POS-Admin app and POS App.

The Pos-Admin app is the back office of the system, and the administrators in your head office will use it to define the base data for the whole stores like the Items, the Menus, the modifiers, etc.

POS app is the ordering system that each store uses to place orders.

The owners or the super administrators mainly use the pos-Admin app.

The Pos app is used by the store admins and servers, and operators.


POS Admin: Company > Stores


To add a new store in Limeorder, you can click on the side menu: Company > Stores

Then click on the “New” button, input the name of the store, choose the Default Tax Set, and then click on the “Save” button to save the changes.

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