How to add an item level promotion


POS Admin: Daily > Item Level Promotions


The item level promotion is the promotions you apply at the item level for the customers at a specific period of time.

Here are the details of the features in this form:


You can set a name for your promotion (e.g., “Tuesdays Wings 25% off” )


Any description as a note for yourself


Which store is this promotion applicable to? Empty means all stores.


Which Item Categories promotions apply to.

NOTE: Category is only available in specific versions of the software.

Date & Time:

Specify the period that the promotion is valid and also what time of the day?

Week Days:

Which days of the week this promotion to be calculated

NOTE: you have to select weekdays, and if it is left empty, declaring the date period is not enough for calculating promotions.

Bill Discount > Quantity:

Example: Buy 2 get 1 free

Purchase Quantity: The quantity that must be purchased to get a free item ( in the above example, it is two )

Get For Free: The quantity of the items that will be free ( in the above example, it is one )

After defining that, the system will assume one item as a discount in the discount field.

Bill Discount > Percent:

Purchase Quantity: the quantity of each item that has to be purchased to get the “Discount Percentage.”

e.g: Buy two get 10% off

Bill Discount > Amount:

If the customer buys a specific “Purchase Quantity” of an item, they are qualified to get the discount amount for the item.

e.g., For every two purchases of the specific items customer gets $10 off.


Select the customers that you want to offer this discount, leaving this field empty means all customers. you can choose multiple customers here.

Customer Group:

The customer group that this promotion is applicable, leaving this field empty means all groups. You can choose multiple groups here.

NOTE: filling either customer or customer group is enough, and you don’t need to select both.


Select one or a few items that the discount is offered for. Leaving this field empty means all items.

Item Groups:

Select which item groups are your target to offer discounts for. Leaving this field empty means all item groups

NOTE: filling either item or item group is enough, and you don’t need to select both.

Can be combined with other discounts:

If you offer few discounts in the order, do you want to apply these discounts again or not?

For instance, if you have a manager discount on the order, do you want the system to calculate this discount for the client again?


Select “Item Level Promotion” from the side menu like below:

Click on the “New” button to create a new promotion.

You now can input the name of the promotion, set the store ( location ) that the promotion will be used. You can also specify the duration of the promotion. And you can also specify the weekday that the promotion will be valid.

You can also set the discount for the promotion. It can be discounted by Quantity, by Percentage, or by Amount.

You also need to specify what kind of customer can use this promotion and which kind of item is applicable for the promotion.

You can disable the promotion at any time.

Once you finished all the promotion settings, remember to click the “Save” button to save the change.

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