How to assign a modifier to an item


POS Admin: Base -> Items -> Modifiers

Video Tutorial

Please watch more video Tutorials about modifiers here


Modifiers are the customizations for the items ordered by customers in a restaurant. For example, when customers order a New York Steak, they need to tell the server how the New York Steak should be cooked, with options such as Rare, Medium, or Well done.

To add a new modifier, kindly refer to this article for more detail: How to add modifiers

Once a modifier is defined, you can assign this modifier to any items. And when placing an order, you can select this modifier.


An item is a product that you sell in your restaurant or store. It can be a New York Steak, Salmon Salad, or Coke. Items will be defined under an “Item Group” (Menu).

How To:

To assign the “Temperature” modifier to one of the steaks, first, you have to open the item definition form for the steak and then assign “Temperature” as a modifier group to that steak.

To assign the modifiers to Items in the LimeOrder Point Of Sale software for restaurants, you need to open the POS-Admin App and click on the “Menu & Product” button in the main window. After that,  choose the item you would like to assign a modifier to.

Here, we will assign a temperature to the New York Steak.  We will choose New York Steak from the Steak groups as shown in the image below.

Click on the “Edit” button.

In the pop-up window shown below, scroll down to the Modifier Groups section and click the “Add” button.

Choose the “Temperature” modifiers from the drop-down list and click the “Select” button.

Click  the “Save” button to save the changes. As you can see, the temperature modifier has been assigned to the New York Steak.

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