How to get End Of Day Report (EOD)


POS Admin: Reports > Daily > End Of Day Report


After operators finish the daily sales, they declare in the close shift how much cash they have counted in each cash account.

For instance, if you have multi-currencies, then you have to declare to the system how much is the balance of each currency in each cash account. If you are using a single base currency like USD then in the close shift you have already declared how much is the balance of your USD cash account.

In the EOD report, you can see how much is the expected balance of the cash accounts and how much is the difference between the counted cash amount and the expected cash balance based on the transactions in the system.

This report is also available in the POS app and the operators will get this report from their own device and we have this report here in the POS-Admin app too for the manager convenience to be able to get the reports of each device per location.

Report Filters:

You have to select your desired “Device”, “Shift” and the date that you want to get the report for.

Report Content:

Cash/Card name:

In this column, you will see the name of your cash account ( e.g. USD Cash Account ) or the credit card name.

Opening Balance:

It is the amount that you have declared when opening the shift.


This is the total cash/Card amount that you have received in the payment forms from the customers.

If you have an integrated payment terminal then the card is defined in the “Merchant Account” forms, not in the “Cash & Card Account” as described in these forms.

You can get the transaction summary from the payment terminal too.


This is the total amount of expenses or the other payments that are deducted from your cash/card accounts.

The expenses are entered in the “Petty Cash” form in the system also other payments are submitted in the payment forms in the other forms like purchase and sales returns forms.


Balance = Opening Balance + received – Spent


Is the amount declared in the close shift before getting this report


= Balance – Counted

Open date / Close date:

The date that the shift is opened might be one day before the date that the shift is closed as in some restaurants and clubs they close the shift after midnight.

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