How to check order list


POS Admin: Reports > Lists > Transactions > Order List


The order list is all the orders that have been placed within a store.

To check the order list, select the “Order List” from the side menu as shown below.

image 68
How to check order list 5

Now you can specify the filters of the order list. You can specify the status of orders, servers, devices and your desired store.

You can also set the period that you want to see the order list. You may also set the order number range to search the order list.

image 69
How to check order list 6

The search result will be listed as below:

image 70
How to check order list 7

If you click on an order in the list, the detail of the order will be listed below. You can export the result into Excel or PDF file, or you can click on the Print button to print the order.

image 71
How to check order list 8

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