How to create a new user role


POS Admin: Company > Shift-Users > User Roles


Instead of assigning features of the POS-Admin And POS apps to each of the users one by one, you can define “User Roles” and assign features to the roles and then define which role is assigned to which user.

For instance “Super Admins”, “Store Admins” and “Servers” are samples of user roles.

NOTE: You can define if users within a role have access to Pos-Admin or not, if you grant this access, then the users within that role can use all the features of Pos-Admin and have access to all locations and the related features. Only Super Admins and the owners must have this feature enabled.


Click on the “User Roles” button in the left side menu, the system will display the user roles window.

To add a new user role, click on the “New” button

Then input the Name of the new role, and set the permissions that this user role can have, such has Editing Orders, Discount, Access to Base Menu, Access to POS Admin, Access to POS, etc.

When you finish all the information, click on the “SAVE” button to save the changes.


User roles are used when you define a user and assign a role to that user.

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