How to define shifts


POS Admin: Company > Shift – Users > Shifts


One day of work can be split into few shifts if required. For instance “Morning Shift”, “Noon Shift”, “Night Shifts” are examples of the shifts.

Defining a shift is not mandatory in LimeOrder and it’s supported only in advanced models of LimeOrder Point Of Sale software for restaurants and retail stores.

The shift is one of the advanced features of LimeOrder Pos Software and you can benefit from the advanced shifts features in the software.

For instance, a shift can start from one day and end on the next day.

The restaurants, bars and clubs are samples of places that may start a shift in the evening and end the shift the next morning. Also, the system allows a server to join the shift with his/her own device after midnight too.

Each store can have its own shifts and even a location can have no shift in the system.

Shifts are defined at the store and even device level.

In the LimeOrder point of Sale software, there are two order numbers, one is the unique order number that starts from one after you start using the software and increases during the course of time. The second one is “Shift Order Number [shown as S.Order# in the Pos app ] ). This is a number that starts from a number like 100 ( you can define what number it starts from in a shift in the POS Settings. ( Shift Starting Order Number ).

Whenever you open a shift for the first time in a day, if you are the first one who is opening this shift, the system will assign the starting shift order number like 100 to your order and other orders by you or other servers will get the next shift order numbers.


Click on the “Shifts” at the left side menu as shown below:

image 128
How to define shifts 3

Press the “New” button to create a new shift as shown below:

image 172
How to define shifts 4

Now input the necessary information in the right section of the window like the store that the shift is being defined for, the name of the shift, start/end time, etc.

Note: defining the start and end time has no effect on the system and is just informational.

Where to use:

Shifts will be used in the POS app.

whenever you log in to the POS app and it’s the first time that you login in on the same day, the system will ask you about the shift that you want to create or you want to join if somebody else is already created the same shift in that day.

Also system will ask you to choose the shift whenever you login to the POS app and you have already close your previous shift. For instance if you have already closed the “Morning Shift” and you are log in to the system, POS app will ask you about which shift you want to create?

After you choose a shift like “Noon shift”, the system will check if someone else has already opened that shift and will ask you if you want to join that shift, if you select “Yes” then you will share the “Shift Invoice Numbers” otherwise your invoices will start from a specific number like 101 that you have defined in the POS-Admin settings.

It is highly recommended that you join the same shift as whenever you place an order your invoice number will be the next number after the other server’s orders.

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