How to design customer receipt


Customer receipt is the receipt that will be given to the customer to show the items that the customer ordered, as well as the subtotal, surcharge, discount, tax, and total of the order.


POS Admin: Company->Settings->Receipt Design->Customer Receipt

Click on “Customer Receipt” at the left side menu, the system will display a Customer Receipt form to design the receipt.

Click on the “Locations” dropdown list to pick a location, the receipt used for this location will be displayed.

You can choose “Image Print Mode” or “Text Print Mode”.

The Image Print Mode can be set in POS App > Device Settings if applicable. If the Image Print Mode is selected, there will be a gear icon next to each field.

you will be able to set font size and bold for each field of the receipt.

If the “Text Print Mode” is chosen, there will only be the fields, without the gear icon to set font.

There are two sections in the receipt design, Header section and Footer section.

You can check the checkbox before each field to enable the field in the receipt. Or you can check the “select all” checkbox to choose all fields.

When you finish all the selection, click on the “SAVE” button to save the receipt design.

If you want to duplicate the receipt for another place, you can click on the “COPY” button to copy the design,

Then go to another location, and click on the “PASTE” button to duplicate the design.

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