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The payer is the person who is responsible for bill payment.

A bill can have one or few payers.

These are the scenarios that may happen in a restaurant business and are supported by the advanced payment feature of the LimeOrder Point Of Sale Software for the restaurants.

1- One person is paying the whole bill ( one or few seats ).

2- Each Seat Pays his/her own bill

3- Two or a few guests are responsible for the whole bills and pay bills equally.

4- Two or a few guests are responsible for the whole bills, and they decide which seat is paid by which one of them.

Sharing: In all of the above-mentioned scenarios, one or a few items can be shared between few seats before bill payment. “Sharing” is one of the advanced features of the LimeOrder Bill Payment System that allows the customers to order a few food or beverages besides their own food and share them, and each seat pays their own share.

MOVE: Another feature in the LimeOrder Point Of Sale Software allows you to move one or a few items between the seats.

There are two ways that the guests can ask the server how they want to pay the bills:

1- When placing the order, they offer who is responsible for which seat. In this case, the operator will easily declare in the system the payers of the seats, and at the end, the system will print the bills based on the number of payers.

2- At payment time, they decide how to pay the bill and pay which seat’s bill? In this case, the operator can use the advanced payment features to handle the client’s payments.


When customers finish their meal and check the bill, you can make the payment by clicking on the “PAY” button in the main window.

image 91
How to pay the bills by one payer 6

The popup window will ask to use cash or a card to make the payment.

If you have already defined different cash accounts for different currencies in the POS-Admin app, the system shows you all of them to choose from; otherwise, if you are not using the multi-currency feature of LimeOrder Pos App and you have only defined one “Cash” account for your base currency, the system shows you only that “Cash” account and the other Credit Cards that you have defined in the system. ( Here you can read more about Cash & Card Accounts )

image 5
How to pay the bills by one payer 7

Now you can enter the amount that the customer pays.

You can do it by tapping on the Numpad to enter the amount paid or selecting one of the ready buttons on the right side of the form to select a predefined amount.

image 6
How to pay the bills by one payer 8

If the customer pays more than the total amount, you can choose to take it as a tip or enter it as the “change due.”

image 94
How to pay the bills by one payer 9

Once these actions are done, the number at the top of the order will have a green checkmark, indicating this order has been paid, as shown below.

image 95
How to pay the bills by one payer 10

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