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LimeOrder Business Intelligence Reports ( BI Reports ) are the advanced statistical analysis of your business.

BI reports are one of the unique features of LimeOrder Point Of Sale Software for restaurants and retail stores and using that you will get unique management reports about the details of how your business is running, where are the bottlenecks, which parts are more profitable and so.

The are many BI reports within the LimeOrder Pos-Admin app that show the analysis of your sales and purchases from different aspects.

Most of the BI reports have two lists ( Grids ). The first one is the master report and the second grid is the detail report.

For instance there is a report that shows the sales comparison of different stores in the master report and when ever you choose one of the stores, the system shows another detail grid that shows the list of items sold in that specific store.

In this report the master report is the stores and the detail report is the items.

The system shows you another BI report that shows the items sold in the master grid and shows the stores in the detail grid.

The system also offers another BI report that switches the two mentioned master and detail grids in the above example.

Then, you have another report the master report is items and the detail report shows the stores.

It means that in this report your first view how many items have you sold at the company level and then for each item, you can see the comparisons of the stores for that specific item.


There is a collection of Business Intelligence of Sales. You may see them in the side menu: Business Intelligence -> Sales

All these BI reports can be searched in a similar way. You can specify products, the date period, and other parameters that are necessary, then click on the “Report” button. The BI report will be displayed as shown below.

You can always click on the “Excel Export” button or the “PDF Export” button to export the report into Excel or PDF file.

How To Print Reports:

You can print the report by clicking on the “Print” button.

You can alternatively export the report to a pdf file and then print it.

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