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POS App: Order


After defining the Menu, Items, and other information in the Pos-Admin app, you can place the orders here in the Order form.

Simple Order #

When clicking on the Order button of the POS App, the system will display the UI to make an order.

First, you have to select the are on top of the for, then select the table to make the new order.

When choosing a table, you can input the Table number directly or click on the Table Number buttons listed below the Numpad.

You may click on the “LAYOUT” button to choose a table from the table layout form as well. This is a more intuitive way to select a table from the layout.

You can select the area here, and the system shows the tables defines within that area in the form.

You can select a table by tapping on your desired table image.

To switch back to the previous table selection that you could enter table number manually, you can select the “TABLE SELECTION” button.

the status of a table is shown in different colours.

The circular help badges are shown on the left side of the cancel button. Each of them indicates the possible statuses of the tables, for instance:

Grey means the table is empty.

Yellow means the customer has placed an order for this table.

Green means the order is sent to the kitchen for preparation.

Red means the receipt is printed and is waiting for customer payment.

After Selecting your desired table, if the table is empty, the system shows an empty order form; otherwise, it shows the previously opened table with the items on that.

The table number will be displayed on the “TABLES” button at the top of the menu:

Now you’re ready to make a new order. Click on the buttons of the food, for example, “BURGERS,” then click on the “CHEESE BURGERS,”

A Cheeseburger will be added to the order, which is displayed in the right of the main window.

You can go back to the main dish menu by click on the back ( “<=” ) button so that you can add more food or beverages by clicking on the button in the main window again.

Once you finish ordering all the food and beverages, all the items will be listed in the order.

Then you can click on the “SEND” button to send the order to the kitchen printer or KDS. After sending the order to one or few kitchens, they can start preparing the food.

Order food with selective modifier #


The selective modifier is the attribute that can be selected for the food when making an order. For example, the temperature is a selective modifier for steak.

When you order food with a selective modifier, you will see a window that asks you to set the modifier when you try to add it into order. For example, when we try to add a New York Steak,

The system will ask you which temperature modifier choice should be chosen.

Choose the temperature choice, and click the “OK” button to proceed.

You can see the New York Steak has been added into the order, and the modifier information is displayed below it.

Then you can click on the “SEND” button to send the order to the kitchen. When the kitchen gets the order information, they can start to prepare.

Order food with quantity modifier #


The quantity modifiers are the modifiers that the customers can add to the quantity of the modifier; for example, when a customer orders a pizza, they can add the same topping up to several pieces.

When you select food with a quantity modifier, the system will ask you the number of the modifier. So, for example, when we try to add a pizza into the order:

A popup window will ask you about the number of the modifier choice “Cheese.” Although one piece of cheese is included in the topping by default, you can add more by click on the “+” button.

Once you finished, click on the “OK” button to add the pizza with cheese into the order.

Change the quantity of the food in the order #

If you want to add the quantity of a particular food, simply click the item in the order to show the buttons available for the item as shown below:

Click on the “QTY” button to set the quantity.

If you need to add or reduce the quantity, you can click on the “-” or “+” buttons.


You can use the “Share” button in the above image to share one or more items between few seats. You can read how to do that here.

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