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POS App: Open Shift


We highly recommend you read again the notes about the shifts in this tutorial: “how to define a shift” in the POS-Admin App.

If the model of the LimeOrder software that you have purchased has the shift feature and also you have activated the shift feature for your current device ( VERY IMPORTANT: PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE ACTIVATED IT HERE ), then whenever you log in to the POS app, if you have not already opened a shift in your previous login, the system will ask you to open a shift.

Whenever you open a shift, the system asks you the opening balance for all your cash accounts. If you accept cash in different currencies, the system asks you the opening balance for each currency separately.


If for any reason you have not opened the shift at log in, for opening the shift, open the home page of the LimeOrder POS app and select the “Open Shift” button as shown below:

image 126
How to open a shift 6

Choose the shift from the dropdown list in the popup window.

image 173
How to open a shift 7

Then choose one of the accounts as shown below:

image 7
How to open a shift 8

Enter the opening balance for the amount of the cash or card by the Numpad shown below:

image 175
How to open a shift 9

Select other accounts for other currencies, too, like what you did above ( if applicable ), and enter their opening balance one by one.

Click the “OK” button to open the shift.

image 176
How to open a shift 10


After opening the shift, if you have made a mistake and you want to change the opening balance of any of your accounts that you declared here, you can use the “Adjust Float” feature.

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