How to pay the bills by multiple payers


POS APP: Order > Pay


In this scenario, a few seats will pay the whole bill. For instance, when two families come to your restaurant, two seats will pay the bills of his own family.

For simplicity, assume that you have three guests for seat number one to three and each of them have ordered their own foods.

To get the payments, click on the “PAY” button

In the popup window, click the “MULTI-PAYERS” button

Click on the “MULTI-PAYERS” button in the popup window

You will see a window like this:

Simply drag the “Unpaid Seats” to “Payer Seats”, If one seat will be paid by another seat, just drag the seat under the payer seat. In this example, seat1 will pay for both seat1 and seat2, while seat3 will pay his own bill.

Click the “OK” button, you will see the payment has been split as you desired.

Click on the “PAY” buttons to do the payment respectively. The afterward action is similar as how to do payment by one payer.

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