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Who are the payers at order time?

There are two ways that the customer notifies the server that which seats will pay the bills :

1- The customer notifies at the order time.

2- The customer notifies at the payment time.

Here, we will explain the first method. You can define to the LimeOrder Point Of Sale software which guests are the payers at the order time.

If the guests ask the server about how they want to make the payment, the system covers all the possible scenarios. You can find out more about all the other methods in “Splitting The Bill At The Payment Time,” “How To Pay By Multiple Payers“, “How To Pay Equally“, “Pay Per Seat” )

For the first scenario, when placing an order for each seat, the server assigns a check number to that specific seat. For the sake of this example, let’s change the check number for seat number two and change it to “Chk2” as shown below. It means we have at least two checks for this order. We assign chk1 to seat 1 and assign chk2 to seat2 in this example.

By default all food is ordered under seat1 as the order shows:

To order items for another seat, you can click on the”>” button or the “+” button to move to seat2.

By the default, the check number will be set to one for all new seat unless you change it to a new number by clicking on “CHK” button and selecting a new check number.

We have changed the check number to two for seat number two as shown below.

Now you can order some items for seat2

So we have seat1 and seat2 that both have items ordered.

Click on the “PAY” button on the top of the main window.

Since you have two seats with two different check numbers, after you select “Pay” button, the system assumes there are two payers and will automatically show “2” in the “How many payers” form shown below.

You can also change number of payers by selecting the “OTHERS” button too.

Now we can see two bills that are split by seats. We can pay each of them respectively by clicking on the “PAY” button.

The afterward payment process is similar to HOW TO DO PAYMENT BY ONE PAYER

Example: Selecting three seats with two checks

In the previous example, you have two seats and two payers. It is also possible that you have 3 seats and 2 payers.

Assume that there are three seats and seats 1 & 3 are paid by one payer and seat 2 is paid by the second payer.

For this purpose, seat 1 & 3 must-have “Chk” assigned to one means they have the same payer, and seat 2 must-have “Chk” assigned to two.

Now you can see the seat 3 has check number 1, which means the items ordered by seat3 will be paid together with seat1.

After ordering items for seat3, click on the “PAY” button to pay the bill.

In the popup window, input the number of payers:

Now you will see a popup window that shows the two checks to be paid.

Please note that seats 2 & 3 are being paid together in the below image and are shown in the first row.

Click on the “PAY” buttons respectively to do the payment. The afterward payment process is similar to HOW TO DO PAYMENT BY ONE PAYER

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