How to set POS settings


POS Admin: Company > Settings > POS Settings


POS Settings are the parameters that are used for the POS App.

We will explain a few of the settings here that need clarifications:

Default Customer In Orders:

You can default a customer named “Walk-in” and set it as a default customer in the orders, when placing an order this customer will be shown as default in the order.

Default Payment Terminal:

If you have defined a few “Payment Terminals” then you can define here which one of them to be selected as the default when the POS app shows the “Payment Terminals” when placing an order and you are receiving the payment from the customer.

Default Cash Account In Payment:

If you have used the multi-currency feature of the system and you have defined multiple cash account for each currency like “Cash USD”, “Cash CAD”, “Cash Euro”, “Cash GBP” etc, then you can set which one of them to be preselected when you are getting the payment from the customer after placing the orders.

Numpad Order:

You can choose between “Top To Bottom” or “Botton To Top” Numpad as shown below. Numpad will be shown to you when you are entering Pincode, amounts and numeric values in the system.

image 1
How to set POS settings 6
How to set POS settings 7

Shift Starting Order Number

If you are using the shift feature of LimeOrder Point Of Sale Apps then you can define in the system each shift’s order number to start from what number. For instance you can define that your orders in each shift to start from 100 each time operators open a new shift.

Please note that if few devices use the same shift in a store, then they will share the order numbers, meaning the orders placed by them will add to shift order number whenever each of them place a new order.

There is another unique order number that starts from one in the system by using the software the first time.

Tip Out Account

Tip out is a feature in the POS app that is used by restaurants whenever they close a shift and getting the End Of Day Report, they will declare in the system how much cash tip has to be deducted from the accounts.

You can define which account to be debited in the system whenever you want to do the Tip Out transaction.

You have to define an account like “Employee Tip Out” or “Tip out” in the “Define Expenses” of the POS-Admin app.

As the amount that you have already received as a cash tip is already deposited in one of your “Cash Accounts“, by doing Tip Out, you will deduct that amount from those cash accounts and the account that you have defined as tip out in the expenses will be debit.

Price To Offer In Order

In some of the models of LimeOrder Point Of Sale Software For restaurants and retail stores, you can define up to ten pricing levels for each item and here you can define which of those pricing levels to be offered when placing an order.

Show Item Image In Order Panel

You can choose if system shows item images in the ordering page to you or not.

Here is a sample of the ordering page showing the item image or not:

Ordering Form Showing Item Image:

image 2
How to set POS settings 8

Ordering Form NOT Showing Item Image:

image 3
How to set POS settings 9

Kitchen Language

In some of the restaurants, the language that they use the software is different from the language that the order will be printed in the Kitchen Printers. For instance if you are using the LimeOrder Pos App in English but you wish to print the order in Spanish in Kitchen, then you can use this feature to have different language when the order is sent to kitchen

Kiosk Order Time Out:

If you are using the self-ordering kiosk, then there is an advanced feature in the LimeOrder Pos App that if the customer has left the order, then the system will show an alert to the client informing that the order will be deleted if they don’t take any action.

You can define hereafter how long of inactivity, the system shows the alert, and the alert to be shown for how long and if the user has not done any action then the order to be deleted.

KDS Preparation Time:

If you are using Kitchen Display System instead of using kitchen printers, you can define here that after how long if the chef has not marked this item as prepared gives him a short delay notice and after how long assume it as a late prepared. These will be shown by Orange and Red badges beside the orders.

KDS Server Time:

If you are using KDS in your serving area too, then you can have the same setting as mentioned above, here for the servers too.

Serve KDS is used when the kitchen KDS has marked the item as “ready For Server”, then the item will be added to “Serve KDS” and they have to serve the item asap. you can define after how long the item is assumed as a delayed server.


Click on the “POS Settings” on the left side menu, then you can set or change the parameters.

image 164
How to set POS settings 10

The parameters include Default Customer In Order, Default Order Type, Numpad Order, etc.

After change the settings, click on the “SAVE” button to save the change.

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