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POS Admin: Compnay > Settings >Tax > Tax


Tax is one of the advanced features of LimeOrder Point Of Sale Software. Unlike other Point Of Sale Software in the market that users have to define tax for each item one by one, In the LimeOrder, you just need to define different Tax Set and Tax Items for different store locations if they are different. The system assumes that all the items defined have the same tax unless if you define which item or which client is exempt from which tax item.

This is one of the unique features of LimeOrder Pos Software that make data entry very simple for the clients and prevents the problem that the user may forget to assign a tax item for an item like what happens in other software in the market.

Tax set is a set of tax that is needed for a particular state or area.

A tax set can include at least one tax item.

For example, In Los Angels, there are Tax Items named California state tax(6%), Los Angels tax(0.25%), Los Angeles Co Local Tax Sl(1%), Los Angeles County District Tax Sp(2.25%), etc. All these taxes can be defined as individual tax items in a tax set “Los Angles Tax Set”. We can also combine all these taxes into one tax item as “Los Angles Tax(9.5%)”to put into the tax set. You may not need to define more than one tax item for the tax set but every tax set must have at least one tax item.


Click on the “Tax” at the left side menu, the system will display the tax set and tax items that have been defined.

image 165
How to set tax 5

Click on the “New” button at the Tax Set section to add a new tax set.

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How to set tax 6

Input the Name of a new tax set in the popup window ( e.g. California Tax ) , click on the “SAVE” button to save the changes.

Click on the “Add” button at the Tax Item section to add a new tax item.

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How to set tax 7

In the popup window, input the Tax Item name ( e.g. California state tax ) and the Tax Rate ( 6% ).

In the same way, you can define all the related Tax Items under “California Tax” set here by selecting the “Add” Tax Item.

Click on the “SAVE” button to save the changes.

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How to set tax 8


You just need to assign a tax set to each store. As each store may be located in a different location with different taxation, the system asks you to define the tax set for each location separately.

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