How to split a bill


POS APP: Order > Pay


If you have placed all the ordered items under one seat only, not under different seats, you can move them to their appropriate seat before the payment is made.

In the order form ( how to place an order), select the “SPLIT” button as shown in red below:

The button will change to a black “MOVE” button for you to move the items. Now you click on the items you would like to move. The selected items will be highlighted as black sh shown below.

After you are done with selecting the items that you want to move to a specific seat, tap on the “MOVE” button.

A popup window will ask you which seat to move the items to. You can enter the target seat number to move items.

Now you can see the two items have been moved to Seat number two.

The order has been split, and you can accordingly get the payments by pressing the Pay button.

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