How to use table layout


POS Admin: Company-> Tables-> Table Layout


The table is the tables in your restaurant. A table can have multiple seats.


The layout is a canvas that you can design where your tables and seats located. You can design the whole layout by drag and drop the icon in the list.

Besides adding tables in the form, there’s another more intuitive way to add tables, which is designing tables in the table layout.

You can open POS Admin, and click on the Side Menu. The system will show the table layout page.

image 48
How to use table layout 4

In the “location” dropdown list, choose the location. Then the areas of the location will be listed. Click on the area that you want to place the tables, the layout will display all the tables in this area as shown bbelow.

image 49
How to use table layout 5

Now we can drag the icon, such as Tables or Seats, from the left panel into the right side canvas. Once you have placed all the tables and seats, you need to assign a table number to each of the tables. You can do this by double-clicking on each table and input the table number.

image 50
How to use table layout 6

Once you finished these actions, click on the “Save” button to save the layout.

Note: designing the table layout is an option and is not mandatory and when placing an order you can choose between selecting the table number by entering its number or by selecting it by mouse from the table layout that you are designing here.

If you are designing the table layout, the only mandatory icon that you have to drop on the screen is just the table number and its numeric value, drag and dropping other icons like chairs and other icons are not mandatory and you can use them to have a better table layout to be shown to the server.


POS: Home > Orders

after designing the table plan, it will be shown when you create a new order in the system.

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