How to add Items (Products) & Menu (Groups)

In order to place an order in the POS App, you need to first define the “Menu” ( i.e., Steaks, Pizza, and Beverages) and “Menu Items” ( i.e., New York Steak, Filet Mignon, Pepperoni Pizza, and Coke ).

The Menu is defined in the group section, and the Menu Items are defined in the “Items” section. More explanations are provided below.


POS Admin: Base -> Items -> Items

Adding items #


An item is a product that you sell in your restaurant or store. It can be a New York Steak, Salmon Salad, or Coke. Items will be defined under an “Item Group” (Menu).

To add new items in LimeOrder, you should first login to the LimeOrder POS Admin. Once you have access to the POS Admin UI, click the “Menu and Product” button at the center section to define items and groups. Another way you can add new items is to click from the side menu in this sequence: Base->Items->Items.

As you can see, all the item groups have been defined in the POS Admin listed in the upper section. Next, choose the group that the new item belongs to. After that, click the “New” button in the section below.

In the pop-up window, input all the necessary information about the item, including the name and price of the item. If the item is also a modifier, click the check box named “Item Is Modifier”. For more information about this option, you may refer to HOW TO SET AN ITEM AS A MODIFIER

Press the “Add/Edit IMAGE” button if the image of the item is needed. You can select an image by clicking the “BROWSE” button and navigating to the image file. Alternatively, you can take a photo by clicking the “TAKE PHOTO” button if you can access the POS Admin on a mobile device. After this step, click the “SAVE” button to save the picture.

Once the image has been assigned to the item, the image will be displayed in the POS App when the item is shown in the menu.

Once all information is ready, don’t forget to click the “SAVE” button to save the item information.

Adding Menu (groups) #

Group ( Ordering Menu in POS App )

A group contains several items that are similar. For example, Sirloin and Rib Eye are all steaks, so these two items can be categorized under a Steak group.

The groups will be shown as “Menu Items” in the “POS” App. For instance, after you have defined and grouped your products, you will see all the defined groups as “MENU”. Under each “MENU”, you will see the items with their images and prices to choose from.

To name a few groups in the restaurant business, you can define “Steaks”, “Pizza”, and “Beverages” as the first level of the group. Under the “Pizza” group, you can define different pizzas. Under the “Beverages” group, you can define “Alcoholic” and “non-alcoholic” groups. Under each sub groups, you can define different products, images and prices.


POS Admin: Base -> Items -> Items

It’s easier to manage similar items that are in a group. You can click on the “New” button in the group section of the Items form to add a new group.

You can input the name of the new group in the pop-up window. Click the “ADD/EDIT IMAGE” button to add an image to the group if necessary. Most importantly, don’t forget to click the “Save” button to save the changes.

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