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The Best Pos Software For Restaurant & Retail Store

Rich & Easy

Cloud Based Pos Software

LimeOrder is a cloud based Point Of Sale software for restaurants, retail stores and  small businesses.

You can freely run the software through the internet from any device.

Users can take the orders from different locations and different devices.

Managers can get analytical report & management charts instantly from their mobile phones, tablets or desktop computers whenever they desire from wherever they are.

LimeOrder point of sale software covers 27 different businesses such as restaurants, retails stores, fast foods, convenience stores, bars, hotels, clubs, coffee shops,spa, beauty salons and supplies,etc.

Why LimeOrder is the best pos software for restaurant & retail?


Simplicity is the key feature of LimeOrder Point Of Sale System.

LimeOrder is designed for different business types to suit your tailored needs based on your current tasks.

The way you would think and like a point of sale software to be.

We offer a variety of different developed models to better be able to address both simple businesses as well as the more advance ones.

At LimeOrder working hard in order to deliver the simplest of  POS softwares in the market is our top priority. 

best pos software for restaurant

Perfect For Businesses Just Like Yours

LimeOrder Pos System For Small Business

Advance Inventory Management

Keep track of every product in real-time. Track your purchases and inventory costs. Never run out of stock.

LimeOrder’s Inventory Management enables you to have full control over your inventories and track your items in real time.
Whether you have a single store or you are an Enterprise with different stores and warehouses.
Our low stock alert feature reminds you to order items on time.
Purchase orders, Return Management, Item transfer between stores and warehouses, Inventory Counting and many other features are available.

Advance Business Intelligence reports

LimeOrder offers a robust reporting feature to better assist you in growing your business faster.

Our advanced BI reports help find bottlenecks easier and gives its user a clear view of the most  profitable parts of the business.

Different Gauges and charts enable the management team to get advanced analytical reports.

5M in One

Multi Platform

Multi User

Multi Language

Multi Store

Multi Currency

Try LimeOrder Risk Free

Award Winning Support

Help is free and you’ll always get a real human support that can be super helpful.

Safe and Secure

LimeOrder protects your personal information with industry standard SSL and encryption so your business is always safe and secure.

30-Day Guarantee

Try LimeOrder today, risk-free. Cancel your account within 30 days and you’ll receive a full refund, down to the last cent.

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