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Here is the links to “POS App” and “Pos Admin” app for future reference

POS-Admin App

POS-Admin is the back office of the system and you can define the base data like Items, Menu, Pricing, Users, Locations, etc.
You can also get Daily Reports and Business Intelligence Reports ( BI ) in this app.


POS App is used for the daily transactions like Placing The Orders, Getting The Payments, Printing Receipts, etc.

Video Tutorial & User Manuals

We highly recommend to see the "Video Tutorials" and also the "15 Minutes Quick Reference Giude"

Video Tutorials

Learn how to open the apps for the first time, how to work with POS-Admin & POS Apps.

15 Minutes Quick Start Guide

You will learn the major parts of the Apps in the shortest period of time and the link to know how!

User Manuals

The full POS-Admin & POS App's user manual.
You will learn how to use the apps in detail.


If you have questions about how to use the software and you could not find the solution by using the Video Tutorials and User Manual, then you can create a support ticket and our technical team would be glad to help you out.

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