How to add expense


Expenses are the daily costs like utility, Office supplies, rent, etc., that you have in your store. You want to declare in the LimeOrder Point Of Sale software to deduct from your profit and finally affect the related reports.

After defining expenses in the POS-Admin, each location can enter its own daily costs in the LimeOrder POS app.

Note: Daily costs are separate from the purchases you have in your store for the material directly sold or indirectly used to make the final product to sell. Purchasing features are available in some of the LimeOrder Point Of Sale apps. Using that, you can fully track your items and inventory and get accurate inventory reports for each location or the whole business.


POS-Admin : Base > Payments > Expenses

Where to use:

After defining Expenses in the Pos-Admin app, you can use them in the POS app when using the “Petty Cash” feature.

POS App: Home Page > Petty Cash

How to:

Click the “Expenses” in the left side menu, and the system will show an Expenses form.

Input the name of Expense, and click the “Add” button to add a new expense.

The newly added expense will be displayed in the list.

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