How to define KDS ( Kitchen Display Systems )


POS Admin: Company > Devices > KDS


Instead of using Kitchen printers, you may use Kitchen Display System in your restaurant.

KDS is a tablet that LimeOrder can also provide. You could install it in any of your kitchens, and the chefs will be notified of the new orders, and whenever the order is prepared to serve, they will mark it as ready in the KDS.

You may have as many Kitchen Display Systems as you need. Normally you have to get the number of kitchens that you have. For instance, you may need to install separate KDS systems in your “Cold Kitchen,” “Hot Kitchen,” and “bar.”

LimeOrder Offers another KDS Software for the serving area. Whenever the kitchen marks an order as “Ready to Serve,” it will be shown in the “Server KDS,” this way, the servers could see what orders are ready to be served.


Click the “KDS” at the left side menu; the system will show a KDS form.

image 56
How to define KDS ( Kitchen Display Systems ) 4

In the form, input the name of the KDS, choose the type from the dropdown list, specify the location, and input the serial number. Then click the “New” button to define a new KDS device.

image 58
How to define KDS ( Kitchen Display Systems ) 5

The new defined KDS will be displayed in the list.

image 59
How to define KDS ( Kitchen Display Systems ) 6

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