Supported Devices

Printers #

If you already have a printer, connect it to your device and check to print a receipt sample by defining the printer in the “POS app > Device Settings > Printers ” and then print the receipt after “Placing An Order.”

These are the printer brands that are integrated into LimeOrder Point Of Sale Apps:

Star Micronics Printer

Star is one of the most well-known printer brands in the market, and we recommend using them for your printing purposes.

If you plan to buy a new printer, we highly recommend buying a Star printer, specially MC-Print3 for 80mm paper size ( Wide paper receipt printing ) or MC-Print2 for 57mm paper size. They are one of the latest models of Star Micronics and are small in size, and have a modern design.

The Star printers had the best performance in our tests as using them needs fewer setup requirements. They can be easily discovered by the software in all the different environments and using all types of connections ( Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB, etc.).

In our tests, the connection with the Star printers was the most reliable one, especially in terms of the Bluetooth disconnection issues that printers may have.

LimeOrder is recognized as a Star Certified POS Software Partner.

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Supported Devices 2

EPSON Printers

If you plan to buy Epson printers, we recommend the TM-M30 model that is one of the latest models of Epson. It has a modern design.

You can choose between 80mm and 57mm printers, but businesses usually use the 80mm printers for their needs.

LimeOrder is a Certified Epson Reseller.

Where to buy #

For receipt printing purposes and kitchen printers, you can contact us to get the best quote and place an order for any of the Star or Epson printers that are more appropriate for your business.

Ordering Devices #

The device that is connected to the receipt printer which is supposed to print the bill might be any Android or Windows device.

But to use the app for non-printing purposes like placing the orders, getting the reports and analytics, using the POS-Admin and POS app, you can use any device regardless of the operating system, including IOS ( iPhone and Ipad and Macbooks, Android devices ( POS systems, tablets, mobile phones ) and Windows devices ( Point Of Sale Systems, tablets, phones ).

Browser #

To use the LimeOrder Pos apps, we recommend using Google Chrome vs. other browsers.

The software has to run at least once on the browser, and from that time, the system will automatically install the shortcut to run the app on your desktop, and you won’t need to run the app on the browser anymore.

Please watch the video tutorial about how to create shortcuts and the other useful information here: “Running Pos Admin App” and also “Running POS App“.

Video tutorial: #

Click here to see a quick video tutorial about the supported devices.

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